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Kohrville Tx Montessori School

Kohrville, Texas is located in the Tomball area of Harris County, Texas with zip code 77070. Harris County is a part of the Houston metropolitan area, and has a population of over 4 million residents, making it the most populous county in the state of Texas. Nationally, Harris County is ranked as the third-most populous county.


Known as an unincorporated township, Kohrville has a rich history rooted in the Civil War area, having been settled by former slaves that made their way from other southern states including Alabama and Mississippi. Historically, the people of Kohrville have worked at farming, ranching, and lumbering. Today Kohrville is a thriving community nestled in an area full of growth.

kohrville montessori preschool children.

Kohrville Tx Montessori Preschool, and Daycare


Elements Montessori provides preschool programs based on the Montessori Method near 77070 in the Kohrville, Texas area. Originally founded by Maria Montessori, this educational model takes a child-centered approach to learning and has been successfully used for over a hundred years. 


The Montessori method cultivates a learning environment that allows each child to develop a curiosity for the natural world through a thoughtfully prepared learning environment. It furthers each child’s emotional, intellectual, physical, and social development by recognizing what makes each child unique, in a nurturing, secure, and academically sound daycare environment.

Kohrville, Texas Montessori Programs


Elements Montessori preschool and daycare offer multiple full time and programs in Kohrville, Texas. The full-time program offers the most flexibility with childcare and is available from 6:30 am - 6:30 pm. 


Additionally, Elements offers Kohrville Montessori programs for the following ages:


  • Montessori Infant (6 weeks - 12 months)

  • Montessori Toddler & Transitional (13 months - 3 years)

  • Montessori Primary and Kindergarten (2 1/2 years - 6 years)


All meals at Elements Montessori are prepared freshly every day by our chef. Breakfast is served daily and we offer vegetarian options as well.


If you are interested in touring our Kohrville TX, Montessori daycare and preschool program, located near 77070 contact us today.

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