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Are You Looking for a Preschool, Daycare, or Montessori near the Klein, Tx area?

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Klein Tx Montessori School


Traditional Montessori programs offer a unique learning opportunity for your child. At Elements Montessori, we offer preschool and daycare aged children to retain individuality while learning. Your child’s self-paced learning is fostered through a traditional Montessori learning environment that helps your child grow physically, emotionally, socially, and cognitively.


A Montessori Style with More Structure


Traditional Montessori schools typically break classrooms into 3 different classroom setups. Elements Montessori on the other hand offers multiple classrooms broken down by age groups. We work with every child's unique needs by providing a more structured environment in Toddler classrooms. Elements Montessori believes that breaking up these age groups allows for an easier transition into the Transitional and Primary classrooms.

The Best Preschool Near Klein, Texas


Our state of the art preschool and daycare near the Klein, Texas area has ample outdoor play areas so your child can enjoy much needed outdoor fun. Our classrooms are equipped with both early childhood education and Montessori learning setups to help your child learn and grow.


The Elements Montessori Difference


  • Conveniently located in the Klein Texas area

  • Multi-age classrooms

  • Students can choose their activities

  • Uninterrupted blocks of working time

  • Natural specialized educational materials made from wood vs plastic

  • A thoughtfully prepared Montessori environment

  • All materials are organized by subject

  • Freedom of movement in the classroom

  • A trained Montessori teacher who follows your child while observing their characteristics, tendencies, talents, and abilities


Are You Ready For a Tour?


Come see our preschool and daycare located near the Klein Texas area to see what we can offer your child. Meet our accredited teachers, see our classrooms that have a low teacher to student ratios. You can also see how our in house chef prepares healthy meals for your child. Schedule a Klein Texas daycare and preschool tour today.

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