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Gleannloch Tx Montessori School

Gleannloch Farms is a wonderful community within Spring, TX, 77379. Containing around 3,200 homes, this community has existed for a little more than 70 years and has come to exhibit its own unique personality. Our Gleannloch Tx Montessori Preschool and daycare near 77379 fits in well with this wonderful community.

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​What's Unique about Elements Montessori?

When you think of a Gleannloch Tx preschool program, you want one that allows your child to learn through experience and that is what Elements Montessori, a Gleannloch Tx Montessori school, provides. The Montessori method is completely child-centered in its approach to education.
This means that your child learns through self-chosen play in an environment geared for learning. To accomplish this, our Gleannloch daycare uses natural materials like wood in its manipulatives, provides a large outdoor play area, and provides healthy meals. Elements Montessori also holds the Montessori approach that children are naturally inquisitive and learn best through hands-on activities.
Ultimately, it's this freedom to be a child and do what children do that makes the benefits of our Montessori preschool the perfect fit for Gleannloch residents.

The Atmosphere of Gleannloch
Gleannloch Texas is located only 30 miles away from downtown Houston and prides itself on community involvement. This community offers sports and recreation amenities that are hard to find anywhere else, like a lakeside aquatic complex and a junior Olympic-size swimming pool.
In addition, Spring Texas provides many ways you can immerse yourself in the community while expressing your individuality. Take Old Town Spring for an example. Here, you can find over 100 local businesses where you can shop, dine, or learn, making it a fantastic place to get all of your shopping done.
If that's not appealing to you, you can always visit TGR Exotic Wildlife Park if animals are your area of interest. Or, you can walk the trails of Meyer Park if you want to immerse yourself in the beauty of nature.

Elements Montessori: The Perfect Gleannloch PreSchool

Since Gleannloch and Spring, in general, allow you to be yourself, you can see how Elements Montessori, a Spring Tx Montessori preschool, fits well within this community. That's because this preschool shares the same mentality in its approach to learning.
Elements Montessori allows you student to retain his or individuality while learning. He or she is allowed to grow physically, emotionally, socially, and cognitively at his or her own pace. And, he or she will enjoy the process because he or she gets to choose his or her own activity.
Thus, Elements Montessori is a perfect match for the mentality of Gleannloch TX, 77379. If your family is searching for a first-class Montessori preschool and daycare near 77379, Elements Montessori has you covered.

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