Elementary Aged Children

At Elements Montessori, we offer different options to meet the needs of every family.

  • Kindergarten  --  We offer a Kindergarten program at Elements Montessori.

  • Before & After Care  --  We provide Before & After care for your child that attends any area Public Elementary School.  Our school opens at 6:30am, so you can drop off your child with us.  We will provide Breakfast for your child and we will transport your child to their Elementary School.  We will also pickup your child from any area Public Elementary School during pickup time to bring them back to our school, where we will help with their homework, provide snack, and engage your child with various activities.

  • COVID-19 Care -- We provide care for children up to 12 years of age.  We will provide homework help, all meals, and engaging activities throughout the day.  We do realize that most elementary children have a gap of learning due to COVID-19, and to help parents with that, we will assess your child in order to provide the proper learning material to help bridge the gap.

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